Solutions Delivered

Paper and Pulp

Our high-efficiency control systems provide a wide range of solutions to ensure your paper and pulp production lines operate at maximum efficiency. Our skilled professionals employ the latest technology to provide you with solutions that deliver a consistently dependable interaction between your business processes and control system.

Rapid Control Systems has years of experience working with customers in the paper and pulp industry. Our advanced control systems allow you to track power usage and consumption of raw materials, giving you a competitive edge in the production process.



We can offer the following solutions:
  • Evaporators
  • Paper Machine
  • Re-pulpers
  • Bleaching Systems
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring System(CEMS)
  • Pulp Refiners
  • Demineralized Water Systems
  • Liquid Dye Metering Systems
  • 24-ton paper roll take away cart
  • Paper Re-winder
  • Paper Roll Storage System
  • Paper Roll Un-wind System
  • Electrical Power Regenerative Braking System
  • Log De-barking