Solutions Delivered

HMI Programming & Panel Building

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Human Machine Interfaces – HMI – is designed with the end user in mind. This cutting-edge control system allows the operator to control the machine and receive feedback from the PLC.

Our Rapid Control Systems’ experts create HMI programs that incorporate human factors into a well-designed operator interface. Our easy-to-use systems provide our customers with many distinct advantages, including:

  • Simple display for process control
  • House vital system information
  • Enhance security through password protection and alarm features
  • Remote support and troubleshooting

Whether you need a new operator interface designed for your machinery or simply need to modify an existing system, our experts have the knowledge and skills to meet all of your HMI needs.

Control Panels

Our goal is to provide your business with effective solutions to simplify your processes. From modifying outdated systems to enhancing your system’s capabilities, our skilled experts implement the latest technology to provide your business with the solution you need.

Our control panels are CAD designed and meticulously constructed to provide an extremely user-friendly experience. However simple or complex your need – from a simple junction box to a fully-integrated multi-panel system – Rapid Control Systems is uniquely qualified to deliver the best solution for your business.

Industrial Control Panels

Rapid Control Systems specializes in designing, building and maintaining industrial control panels. Our state-of-the-art solutions provide comprehensive integration of your business’ various systems, providing enhanced communication at all levels.

Custom Control Panels

We pride ourselves on developing control panels that are completely customized for your business. However simple or complex your need, our experts can design and build control panels that not only streamline your business processes, but provides greater flexibility and versatility.


Custom or Industrial Control Panels